The importance of high-quality CPR

6 March 2023

According to the American Heart Association, 436,000 Americans died from cardiac arrest in one year.   Globally, cardiac arrest claims more lives than colorectal cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, influenzas, pneumonia, auto accidents, HIV, firearms and house fires combined. CPR, if administered immediately after cardiac arrest can triple a person’s chance of survival.  These event most often occur in a home or residence (73.4%), followed by public settings (16.3%), and nursing homes (10.3%).

This means the life you most likely will save is that of a loved one.  Unfortunately, only about 40% of the people who experience a cardiac arrest (outside of a hospital), get the immediate help they need before professional help arrives. Minutes count: 0-4 minutes brain damage is unlikely, 4-6 minutes brain damage possible, 6-10 minutes brain damage likely, over 10 minutes unlikely chance of survival

Basic training on High Quality CPR can be done in a few hours.  5 Critical Components of high-quality CPR: minimize interruptions in chest compressions, provide compressions of adequate depth and rate. Avoid leaning between compressions for full chest recoil and avoid excessive ventilations.

Workplace events represent about 10,000 of these cases per year and over half of employees in corporate offices, hospitality, and education have not had training from their employer.  Contact us for a workplace class today!

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