Prepare, Protect

88% of school shootings are over in five minutes or less. 44% are over in one minute or less.

Each day our nation’s schools are entrusted to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for approximately 55 million elementary and secondary school students. Lessons learned from school emergencies highlight the importance of preparing school officials and first responders to implement emergency operations plans. By having plans in place to keep students and staff safe, schools play a key role in taking preventative and protective measures to stop an emergency from occurring or reduce the impact of an incident. When a school-based emergency occurs, school personnel provide first aid; notify law enforcement, fire, and medical personnel; and provide instructions before first responders arrive to ensure a coordinated effort.

A comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), Incident Command Structure (ICS), and Parent Reunification system are critical. As important are staff professional development and practicing options-based drills (e.g., lockdown, active shooter). This can be done in a trauma-informed manner to minimize anxiety yet create muscle memory in the event of an actual incident.

Rocky Mountain Consulting has teamed with the highly trained staff at Professional Defense Advisors to offer school leaders a full suite of school safety and security services that include:

>>Physical Threat Vulnerability Assessment

>>Reviewing/Author Emergency Operations Plan

>>Reviewing/Author Incident Command Structure

>>Reviewing/Author Parent Reunification System

>>Staff Training and Development

>>Physical Threat Vulnerability Assessment

>>Physical Threat Vulnerability Assessment

  • (Behavioral Threat Assessment, Run-Hide-Fight, ALICE)

>>Trauma-Informed Options-Based Drilling (Lockdown, Active Shooter)

>>Grant Writing

Leaders, let us help you ensure compliance with Arizona Revised Statute 15-341 and state-mandated drilling protocol!


Scott Stout is a current supervisor with one of the largest Police Departments in the country, where he has served on many special assignments. Scott brings a unique perspective, as he personally responded to countless chaotic and highly dynamic incidents, including an active shooter with multiple casualties. He used the principles we teach in that incident to coordinate a unified response with both first responders and civilian stakeholders. Scott also spent 20 years in the private sector prior to law enforcement holding a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s in Business Administration.

Wendy Davison, a former Middle/High School Principal, Dean, Director of Greek Life, and Judicial Coordinator has served on several school safety and security task forces, behavioral threat assessment teams, and command staffs in multiple states. Davison brings her 20 years of knowledge in school emergency planning, training and development of personnel, and options-based trauma-informed drilling. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education and a Master’s Degree in Education: Student Affairs.