17 March 2023

Leaders in Law Enforcement: Scott Stout & Eric Miner Fight In Progress Welcome to Fight in Progress! Today we are joined by Scott Stout of Pro Defense Advisors and Eric Miner of Performance-Protocol (formerly Axon Coaching). Between the two they share over three decades of Law Enforcement experience, and have a wealth of knowledge to share. Listen in as we discuss the current environment in Law Enforcement, Leadership, and life after retirement.

Eric Miner: Performance-Protocol.com (formerly Axon Coaching Scott Stout: Professional Defense Advisors at www.ProDefenseAdvisors.com Description: Fight in Progress with Susan Simons aims to discuss problems and difficulties our officers face every day from sleep deprivation, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and adrenal fatigue, to depression, isolation, physical illnesses, emotional distress, divorce, and all too often suicide.

Fight in Progress looks to cover these topics and discuss their solutions to help these warriors navigate these threats through education and preparation. We speak to experts, officers, and their families from around the country to have hard discussions on what challenges this community faces, and what we can do to strengthen our men and women in law enforcement. About the Host- Susan, President and founder of Under the Shield, is a leading subject matter expert in First Responder Stress/PTSI and has been an instructor for 26 years in many major military and law enforcement installations around the country including, FBI Academy Quantico VA, US Marine Corps 3rd Battalion 23 Marines Lima Company, US Air Force Europe, consulting clinician NYPD/FDNY post 9-11, National Tactical Operators Association, and Luke AFB in Arizona (current).

In this training, she provides resilience training for all first responders and takes a head-on approach to the issues of suicide, divorce, and Post-traumatic stress, with solutions to the real issues affecting those in the first responder community. Through her non-profit, Under the Shield Inc., she has created the only Stress Coach Certification in the United States specifically for law enforcement, first responders, the military, and their families. Susan holds an M.S. in Counseling and Human Development from Troy University and is a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress as well as a Fellow of the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress.

Contact a stress coach near you at Under The Shield: (855)889-2348 You can also reach out to the hosts directly for help at Susan Simmons (334) 324-3570 or [email protected] Tom The-Bomb-Dot-Com (480) 861-6574 or [email protected] If you want to share your story on our Podcast, reach out to Tracy “Mrs. The-Bomb-Dot-Com” – Spousal Stress Coach (480) 518-3775

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